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Trash to Treasure – Building Rocket Goody Bags December 3, 2010

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I finally put the rocket goody bags together from old Pringles cans. I posted a “Wanted” ad on Freecycle and received about 10 cans, from different sources. 1 or 2 cans here, 3 or 4 cans there. Then I had to buy 2 more because I needed 12.

I collected and cleaned about a dozen Pringles cans.

Weird that there wasn’t one single repeat flavor.

Using a brand new glue stick and a brand new bottle of quick dry glue (so much better than Elmer’s!  And a stack of scarpbooking paper) that I just happen to get off of Freecycle, from someone offering it, I wrapped and glued the paper to the cans.

I cut out some cones and fins.

Punched out some 1 1/2″ circles in coordinating colors, of course, for the windows.

Punch holes in can and through cone. Add the ribbon.

Slapped on some stickers and voila!

I paid $2 for 2 cans, recieved the glue for free and the rest of the materials, like the paper, were from Freecycle and I also already had some sheets in my scrapbooking supply.

Cost: About $0.20 each.  I like it!



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