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Thank You Tags December 8, 2010

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When I had posted a “Wanted” posting to my Freecycle group, I had asked for cellophane bags with twist ties, noting that it was for a rocket birthday party. Well, one member replied back, offering to make me some “Thank you for Coming to my Party” tags! This is probably one of the sweetest things someone has ever offered me! I can’t believe how amazing the folk on Freecycle are. Everyone is so giving and generous and kind.

Here are the tags.  She even made made me a scrapbooking strip in case I wanted to make a scrapbook page!  HOW SWEET OF HER!!

Here’s a picture of the crayon goody bags I made and attached the tags onto.

Then I added those to the rocket goody container, along with the coloring page, comic book, pop rocket and lollipop!

The tags were the perfect final touch to the goody bags!  Thank you Linda!


Linda’s Tags September 27, 2010

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One of my Freecycle group members has offered to make tags for the cellophane bags, where I’m going to be putting the “cosmic crayons” in.

She sent me a picture of the “galactic” card that she made for her grandson’s 5th birthday.  It’s so cute!  She said that she would use the background and I told her that the retro rocket in the top left corner would be perfect for the tags!

We’ve been going back and forth, sharing ideas and I believe this is what we’ve settled on so far.  We are going to shorten the length of the tag by putting the saying on two lines, like this:

I hope you had a
blast at my party!

And then put the rocket on the other side of the tag.

It’s going to be so cute!!

I Love Freecycling September 25, 2010

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Freecycling is the act of giving away (read: “FREE”) usable unwanted items to others instead of disposing of them in landfills.

Yesterday, I posted a “Wanted” list for some of the more “projecty” items that I’ll need to make some of the party favors and decorations.  I immediately got two amazing responses back!

Here’s the first one:

“I have a pringles container, and tons of crayons you are welcome to.  I was going to make candles, but just didn’t.  The crayones are already peeled, even.  BONUS!  That’s a very time-consuming job that I did late at night.

Interested?  Let me know when you could pick up and I’ll send you my address.”

I picked them up today and she was right, A TON OF CRAYONS!  Plus, they were sorted, and bagged by color!  All peeled, as well.  I think that just saved me at least an hour or two.  Yes!

I’m sooooo happy!  Now I’m going to be able to make the Cosmic Crayons, to add to the goody bag for the kids to take home.

She also put an empty Pringles can in the bag, along with the crayons.  I put “empty Pringles cans” on my list because I think they will work better as the base for the goody “bag” than coffee cups would be.  Plus, I was hoping that they would be tall enough to hold the comic books that I got from Tom and Becky.  And they are!!!

And I’ll be wrapping them, along the lines of one of these ideas:

Bag o’crayons?  Check.  First out of 12 Pringles cans needed?  Check.

Here’s the second email I got:

“I do rubber stamping and can stamp some images for you if you’d like. I also have cellophane bags that you can use to put candy in. I can do a little topper for them and you can fill them up and staple the topper on so they can take home a little bag of sweets.”

How sweet is that?!!?  I can’t believe how generous people in my  Freecycle group are!  And perfect timing because I’ll be using the cellophane bags for the cosmic crayons!

Not to be the boss of her, but I would love retro rocket tags with “I hope you had a blast at my party!” on the other side of the tag!  Perfect!

Happy day, happy day!  Everyone do the happy dance!  Now, I just need to actually MAKE them.