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I’m having a rocket-themed birthday party for Christian’s 3rd birthday!  However, there is a twist.  As most of us know, the economy isn’t in the greatest shape and like many others, we’ve been affected.  I was fretting about how I’m going to have a birthday party for Christian and not blow our budget, when it hit me!  I’ve challenged myself to use whatever resources I have to throw a free to nearly-free birthday party for Christian!  Using my negotiation, free resources, swapping connections and plain old bartering skills, I’ve challenged myself to plan Christian’s 3rd birthday party for very little to no money.  I have three months to plan to allow myself enough time to acquire what I need with little to no funds.  In fact, I set up a new blog to assist me in the planning.  I welcome all ideas, offers and trades.  Follow me on my adventure to Planet Frugal!  The big day is Sunday, December 5th, so we have a little over three months to touchdown!



1. threeboyjoy - September 1, 2010

Are you planning on making the cake too? A rocket? Maybe a big space helmet? Now that would be interesting. Maybe you could do a big space helmet and on the front of the helmet you can do that picture frosting and put a big pic of his face. I don’t know how that’s done, but wow, that would be sooo cool.

2. Lil' C's Mommie - September 4, 2010

That would be cool! A helmet with his face printed in rice paper! You know, I could also make it flat, and just have a space helmet shaped cake.

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