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° Planet cutouts

° Space posters to hang on walls: Click here and here and here

° Welcome your space birthday party guests with a chalk outline of the rocket ship on the ground and an arrow that reads “Astronaut Check-in This Way”.

° Place a sign “Welcome to (your last name) Space Agency” on the front door. (Other sayings ideas?)

° Cut out stars and hang them from tree branches, deck, etc. (Door)

° Hang a personalized banner over the party entrance that says “Welcome to [your child’s name] Space Station”

° name banner

° paper mache planets and sun – hang solar system from ceiling; need round balloons, such as water balloons; You can buy brown kraft paper paper mache balls at most craft stores. It would eliminate a big part of this fairly inexpensively.

° DIY Project – Papier Mache Planets – step-by-step instructions

° Hang strings of small white lights (i.e. like those used on Christmas trees) in the form of constellations from the ceiling or along the walls of the party area  so guests feel like they’re really in outer space.

° Purchase glow-in-the-dark stars, available at most toy stores, and affix them to the ceiling or use them as balloon weights.




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