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Here are the items that I have for his party, so far:

° astronaut helmet

° rocket cookie cutter – $1

° cute retro rocket toy (possible cake topper?) – $0.10

° Buzz Lightyear blaster gun – $2.99 (I think this is really for his Halloween costume, but I’m sure he’ll still be playing with it in December.)

° navy blue felt for wrist rockets – $0.45 (But I’m thinking that it is fleece now. Boo!)


All of these in this list below, I had already been obtained before the challenge started, so I probably paid more than what I would have:

° space-themed robe from The Gap – purchased for $15

° round paper lanterns to be hung from the ceiling as planets – reused from Nana’s 70th birthday bash

° electronic planet game – purchased from eBay for $0.99

° Little Einsteins book:

I just received this book, obtained for free through swap.com:

I traded for it with this book below, that I got from a thrift store for $1 for the specific purpose of trading on swap.com:

The only cost for this trade was shipping.  Yay!



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