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I want to keep the goody bag simple and I definitely do not want to add candy.  Candy for three-year-olds just isn’t necessary.

° Hand held “pop rockets” – Look what I found at Target!  I didn’t get them, because they were $5 for 4 rockets.  And in keeping with my no money spent philosophy, I need to figure out a way to obtain these or make them.  I think a room full of 2 and 3 yr olds will love these!  And if I get these, I don’t think that I will need the stomp rocket:

° Colorful Cosmic Planet Crayons – SO CUTE and EASY!!  I also saw some rocket shaped ones!  I would just need a mold.  I’m keeping my eyes peeled!

° NASA/space/shuttle Coloring sheets

° Rocket shaped goody bag

I absolutely love these!

I found another idea for these rocket party favor goody bag.  I can use Pringles cans, or venti sized Starbucks cups!  This is a great idea because I need to be able to fit rolled up coloring pages inside.

° Homemade star-shaped sidewalk chalk

° wrist rockets – a barter is currently in negotiation, because I don’t sew.  Update: I’m so excited!!  Amy agreed to make these!!  THANKS AMY!!!

Saturns Rings:



1. threeboyjoy - September 2, 2010

LOVE the sidewalk chalk. Something they will actually use!! Can’t you make your own chalk???


2. Lil' C's Mommie - September 2, 2010

Yes! They are super easy, I just need star-shaped candy molds! I can’t believe it’s so easy!! I have a shell-shaped candy mold and maybe I can trade them for the star-shaped ones on that swap site? Hmmmm…

3. Wrist Rockets « The Birthday Challenge Blog - November 21, 2010

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