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Astronaut Helmet: CHECK September 6, 2010

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When I pulled up to the Freecycler’s house that had the astronaut helmet for me I had a giant grin on my face when I saw it on the chair, on their porch.  It was absolutely perfect!  I’m excited that it’s small and will fit his head!  I’m going to add padding to the ear area and add stickers to the outside.  He’s going to LOVE IT!!



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I went to the house of the person who was giving me the astronaut case and almost burst into tears when I saw it.

Why?  Because the people on the Freecycle network are so generous!  I’ve given away a lot of really great things through this network, knowing the one day I’ll receive things that I need at some point in the future, all for free.  The kindness and generosity of this group is what really gets to me.  This is a group of people, who, like me, can’t stand to throw anything away, KNOWING that there is someone out there who can use it.  So this Freecycle network is the perfect outlet for me, and an amazing resource. Freecycling really works!

Alright, off my soapbox.  So, I pull up, walk up to this person’s porch and sitting there is a bag for me.  Mind you, you don’t really know what you’re getting when someone offers you something; you only have a written description.  It’s really being grateful for free and working with it, instead of being picky.  And most of the time, if you walk up and don’t like what you see, you don’t have to take it.  Anyhow,  I grabbed it, got back into my car and peeked into the bag.  I swear, my eyes started watering.  I was so touched because of the generosity of the person who saw my Wanted post, actually took the time to respond and made arrangements for me to pick it up!  So happy!

I don’t think he’ll need it for Halloween, so I’ll wait to give it as a gift on his birthday.

It’s a 10-piece set, which includes a shovel, tweezers, rocket-shaped scraper, container (all to scoop and collect moon rockets, of course), an American flag and stand, a drink cup (?) with a straw, a walkie-talkie, silver wrist bands (?) and binoculars, so you can see the planet Earth, from the moon!

It’s a little dusty, but here it is!

Do the Happy Dance!!  Now I just need to find (or make) a costume!

Astronaut Costume September 5, 2010

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I posted a “Wanted” request to my Freecycle.org group a couple of days ago:

“WANTED: Child’s Astronaut Costume (Stanton)

I’m looking for a child’s astronaut costume (and/or any related paraphernalia, such as a helmet, boots, etc.) for my 2 1/2 year old son. He can wear sizes anywhere from 24 months to 3T (possibly 4T).

This request has a two-fold functionality, as he’ll not only wear it for Halloween, but also for his rocket themed birthday party in December. And maybe even around the house everyday! LOL!

Thank you so much for the consideration! I can pick up anytime.”

And I couldn’t believe it.  I was offered, from TWO different people, an astronaut helmet, and an “astronaut case”.  Here are the emails:

we have a white helmet that would work.  it’s just a white plastic helmet with a large hole in the eye area. I’m near McFadden/Magnolia.  let me know if you want to pick it up.  I’ll set it outside by the door if you want it.

I picked up the helmet and it is perfect!  It’s small, for a child and though it’s not pristine, it’s totally workable!  I’ll have to add some padding on the inside and stickers to the outside.  Christian is going to love it!
And here’s the email I got tonight:


Don’t know if you found an astronaut costume yet but I do have an “astronaut case.”  It was in the back of a closet but never used.  It is a case with a flag, silver wrist bands, binoculars, etc.  If interested, please email me.  Also, familyfun.com has lots of halloween costumes to make.


I’ll be picking up the astronaut case tomorrow.  I’m excited to see what the “etc.” is!

What more could an astronaut need besides a flag, silver wrist bands and binoculars?!  Wheee!!