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Mission: Planet Frugal August 31, 2010

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I’ve always been a frugal person.  I was raised that way.  And even in my childhood, before this recent recession we’re having, I’ve been very aware that money doesn’t grow on trees.  My priorities then may not have been one of the mature and seasoned person that I am now, but I’ve always been very specific on how I will and will not spend money.  Or how I treat the things I’ve already bought.  An example…  A $300 smartphone?  No, thank you.  My ancient flip phone is just fine.  As long as I can dial a phone number and send a text, it’s all good.  However, I wouldn’t buy anything less than a Mac, when it comes to my computer..  A Depeche Mode concert?  Here’s my credit card.  A phenomenal headlining musical?  I’ll wait patiently until a really good deal comes along, and then MAYBE I’ll buy tickets, or most likely wait until they make a movie of it, then rent it.  Another example…  I’ll pay a good chunk of money for well-made shoes, but scoff at the price of high-end purses.  My pleather bag is just fine, thanks.

In the current economy, everyone is a little more careful of where their money is going these days, and our family is no exception.

With that, I’ve decided to challenged myself when planning Christian’s ROCKET THEMED 3rd birthday party and use very little to no money.  I’m going to have an almost free birthday party!

When I said that out loud for the first time, I surprised myself and almost wanted to take it back.  But I’m excited to see what I can do and how creative I can get.  I’ll be honing my bartering, selling, freecycling, swapping and plain old negotiation skills over the next three months.  I already have several negotiation and bartering offers in the works.  I’ll be posting about those soon.

Don’t be shy.  I’m blasting off and welcome all ideas.

The birthday boy’s big day is Sunday, December 5th!  Follow me on my adventure to Planet Frugal!

With a new WordPress blog, to boot!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…